Anselm Pi Rambla

President & Founder




Catalonia (Spain) 1950
President and founder of the PI RAMBLA HERITAGE society, he pursued his early studies at the Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences of Barcelona. Passionate about ancient cultures and vanished civilizations, he dedicated many years to researching Oriental, Indo-European, and Pre-Columbian cultures, conducting extensive studies in semiotics, mythology, metaphysics, and comparative religions.

In 1980, he came into contact with Tibetan Lamaism through one of its most important teachers, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche, one of the few experts in the science of Kalachakra, known as the wisdom of fire. At the Sonada monastery (Darjeeling, India), he deepened his knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and its secret symbolism.

After his experience in India, he acquired a 17-meter-long sailboat built at the Auray shipyards (Morbihan, France), named «Bohic Ruz» and decided to form a multidisciplinary research and exploration team with the aim of studying and investigating the existence of an ancient and advanced «Primordial Mother Culture», which has left deep traces of beliefs and knowledge in different cultures such as Egypt, Sumer, India, Greece, Mexico, and Peru, among others.

His exploratory journeys took him from Europe to America, making various voyages through the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Pacific Ocean, collecting a multitude of data that provided him with a new vision of the history of ancient civilizations.

Impressed by pre-Columbian cultures, he devoted over 40 years to their study, conducting exhaustive research and exploration in Tiahuanaco, the Atacama Desert, Nazca, Paracas, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon Rainforest, among others.

With the support of the Government of Peru, he carried out important archaeological excavations at the Koricancha / Temple of the Sun of the Incas and at the Solar Citadel of Saqsaywaman, in the city of Cusco, rescuing valuable unknown historical information about the Inca and pre-Inca civilization.

His latest project, «QOSQO» aims to unravel the true morphogenesis of Cusco as the «NAVEL OF THE WORLD».