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Explorations - Expeditions

We have a highly specialized and experienced team in different disciplines for cutting-edge expeditions and explorations.

We have the latest technology to access the most difficult and inhospitable places:
  • special equipment against lethal elements
  • caving equipment
  • climbing
  • survival
  • All the exploration works are complemented with equipment of photography and filming

Underwater Archaeological Explorations

We combine archaeological history, science and technology for the recovery, study, classification and dating of submerged heritage.

We use Robots and Side Scan Sonar, one of the most effective tools for underwater exploration of large areas, capturing detailed images of any object on the seabed even if the water is somewhat murky.
We have special underwater equipments:
  • sonnars
  • submarine robots
  • specials cameras

Bohic Ruz

Special exploration team of Pi Rambla Heritage


Francesc Serrat

Exploration Department Director

  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Explorer, Naturalist, Photographer & Cameraman
  • Captain of the Bohic Ruz sailboat
  • Yacht skipper & crew member for 10 years on competition sailboats
  • An expert explorer, he has made important expeditions in Africa and South America
  • Photography and field research (fauna and flora) in the Amazon Rainforest: Manaus, Río Negro, Río Madeira, Río Solimoes
  • Field photographer Butantan Institute, Sâo Paulo (Brazil)
  • Photographer of one of the most important private collections: Italian Society Atrox
  • Research work on the mountain gorilla at the Karisoke Research Center, led by Dian Fossey, in Virunga, Rwanda (Africa)
  • Founder of the La Ceiba Private Reserve in Costa Rica for the conservation and protection of wildlife

Matthieu Graux

Sea Explorer - Underwater Archaeology

  • Born in France
  • University degree (DUT) in Chemistry (University of Lyon, France)
  • Trainee in various CNRS chemistry laboratories (France)
  • Fiber optic cabling technician in IBM data centers (France)
  • Chemist and gold refining technician for a precious metal refining company (SAAMP) (France and French Guiana)
  • Underwater archaeology diver for the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology (IEASM) (Egypt and Philippines)
  • Excavation of artefacts/shipwrecks after a survey has been conducted using sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, multibeam sonars, etc
  • Divemaster and underwater videographer/photographer for various dive centers (Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines)
  • PADI Divemaster #280347, Nitrox, TDI Advanced Trimix Diver #1007137, max depth 100 meters

Pere Masso

Sea Explorer - Underwater Archaeology

  • Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain)
  • Diving expert in archaeological works
  • Diving license: Padi Rescue +1000 dives
  • Submarine archeology studies at the Cap de Cavalleria International School (Balearic Islands)
  • Assistant to the archaeologist professor and director of the International School of Archeology (Asociación Sa Nitja)
  • Archaeological survey work in the Bay of Naples (Italy)
  • Excavation work in underwater archeology in Binisafuller-Menorca (4th century BC)
  • 3D Photogrammetry Work in the Project of Dr. Chris Begley of the University of Transylvania (Lexington-Kentucky, USA)

Ivan Hitar

Explorer & Logistics

  • Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain)
  • Expert explorer & specialist in survival
  • 4x4 offroad routes and mechanical support specialist
  • Traditional handicraft works
  • Conservation work on Menorca's cultural heritage
  • Forestry and reforestation studies
  • Cartographic works