since 1982

Bohic Ruz History

The story of the Bohic Ruz begins in 1982 when Anselm Pi Rambla decides to go on a voyage around the world in search of the most unknown and puzzling aspects of ancient civilizations.

He buys a 17-metre sailing boat called BOHIC RUZ, built in Auray (Morbihan, France), and gathers a group of specialists who embark on a singular adventure.
Departing from the French Midi and make several voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, studying and investigating the most unfathomable enigmas of our past.

Their main objective: to find the physical evidence of the existence of a VERY ADVANCED ANCIENT CIVILIZATION, of a PRIMIGENEAN MOTHER CULTURE with extraordinary knowledge located in a secret place on our planet earth and which for the first time has been located on a continent that has never been seen before.

"From that moment on, the name of the ship BOHIC RUZ and its team have been linked forever"

Bohic Ruz Explorer

since 1982

Multidisciplinary team founded by ANSELM PI RAMBLA that joins him with the mission to promote research, exploration and preservation of our lost Universal Cultural Heritage and its Ancient Cultures.

All of its members are experts in different disciplines: history, philosophy, archaeology, underwater archaeology, anthropology, ancient architecture, archaeoastronomy, exploration & expeditions, teledetection systems, filming, post-production and preservation of wildlife and its natural habitats.





Bohic Ruz Team

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