Anselm Pi Rambla

Born in Catalunya (Spain), he studied at the Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences in Barcelona. An historian, researcher, explorer, expert in ancient symbology and in Eastern, Indo-European and pre-Columbian cultures, has developed a large catalogue of studies and archaeological, anthropological as well as ecological works over many years, covering unknown aspects of evolution and our history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries.

At the age of 30 he became interested in Tibetan Lamaism and was able to contact one of its most important teachers, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche. This important Lama invited him to his Monastery in Sonada (Darjeeling, India) where he transmitted the secret knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. After his experience with Lama Rimpoche in India, he takes a radical turn in his life and decides to expand his knowledge and studies in pre-Columbian cultures.

In 1982, he buys a 17-meter-long sailboat made in the shipyards of Auray (France) called BOHIC RUZ and forms a multidisciplinary team of research and exploration with the objective of studying and researching the most unfathomable mysteries of our past. Making various expeditions and explorations throughout Asia, Europe, America and Oceania as well as important voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, collecting lots of data that will provide a new vision into the history of ancient civilizations.

He collaborates with the World Wildlife Fund and WWF Prodena (Peru) on different projects for the preservation of the Wild Life of Paracas Reserve, Pampa Galeras (Vicuña Project) and Upper Amazon (Manu Reserve). He has also undertaken archaeological and anthropological works with the Peruvian Government, rescuing important remains for the Cultural Heritage of the country.

His latest project "THE SECRET OF THE ANDES" tries to solve the mystery hidden inside the Andean mountain range.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine where myth ends and history begins, in that so many chapters are missing.
Every time a new discovery is made about lost civilizations, we are forced to revise our opinions and conclusions about the traditions of people called primitives.

The discovery of an unknown world is now equivalent to the discovery of an inhabited world in space.
Either can turn our beliefs upside down.  We would hope then, for the arrival of this moment:

The most revolutionary of all the archaeological discoveries

Anselm Pi Rambla


Anselm Pi Rambla has a highly experienced human team in different disciplines for the avant-garde exploration.

Their objectives are centered on research, exploration, preservation and conservation of our planet Earth and its Ancient Cultures.


Archaeology · Anthropology
Archaeoastronomy · Wildlife Preserve

Bohic Ruz Team was founded in 1982 by researcher and explorer Anselm Pi Rambla, with the aim of investigating, exploring and preserving our Planet Earth and its Ancient Cultures.

Most of its activities are developed mainly in the areas of archeology, anthropology and ecology, working in the preservation of Wild Life and its natural habitats.

All of its members are experts in different disciplines: history, archeology, anthropology, environment, architecture, topography, mapping, remote sensing, archeoastronomy, exploration, filming, photography and image among others.


The Mysteries of a Lost Civilization
Is there a hidden world inside the Andes mountain range?

It is a pleasure to present a scientific-archaeological project of great historical interest about ancient civilizations, based on the discoveries and work done in the two most important Solar Temples of the Inca and pre-Inca Empire:
the KORICANCHA (Inca's Temple of the Sun) and the SAQSAYWAMAN (Solar Citadel in Cusco, Peru).

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